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Dr. Macie Mills and her team have helped young patients achieve straighter smiles with gentle, customized orthodontic treatments.

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Welcome to Mills Orthodontics! Dr. Macie Mills is a friendly, experienced orthodontist who treats every patient like family — starting with our youngest ones! She and her team have helped young patients achieve straighter smiles with gentle, customized orthodontic treatments. Our Richardson, TX orthodontics office is designed to keep patients of all ages comfortable. We even offer kid-friendly features like our fish tank wall!

kid with braces smiling while eating lunchIn every exam room, we offer comfortable seating, sunglasses, and more amenities to make young patients as comfortable as possible. Whether your child needs metal braces, Invisalign® clear braces, or orthodontic consultation, we’ll make sure their experience is a positive one.

Interceptive Orthodontics for Children

Many conditions such as narrow arches, missing or extra teeth, flared teeth, and severe crowding should be treated while children are still developing to help prevent costly and painful treatments as they get older. Fortunately, Dr. Mills is very conservative with treatment and only makes necessary changes to treatment plans. She will monitor your child’s growth and development and only recommend treatment when its needed.

Orthodontics for Teens

Most orthodontic treatment is completed during the teenage years when all or most of the adult teeth are present. This is the time frame when the most growth is occurring and the ONLY time when growth can be utilized to correct the jaws and the bite. Treatment during this time frame is the most efficient and effective. If you are concerned about your teen’s teeth, schedule a complimentary evaluation today!

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At Mills Orthodontics, straight, healthy, confident smiles start early. We’re proud to offer the top kids’ braces services in Richardson, TX and beyond! Contact us to schedule your child’s orthodontic appointment today.

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