Top Orthodontic Technology in Richardson, TX

At Mills Orthodontics, our team has invested in some of the best orthodontic technology available to care for our patients. Part of our commitment to cultivating a state-of-the-art experience is using advanced, non-invasive technologies to design customized treatments for every patient.

panoramic x-ray machineOur technologies have made it easier for Dr. Mills to develop accurate diagnoses and determine the best route of orthodontic treatment for each patient. We combine top technologies with a warm, family-friendly environment to provide the best orthodontic care in Richardson, TX, and beyond!

The progress made in modern orthodontic technology has made orthodontic treatment more efficient, effective, and affordable—allowing us to make the most of your time here at Mills Orthodontics!

Self-Ligating Braces

These are not “your parents” braces anymore! Self-ligating braces may look like traditional metal braces, but they are packed full of the latest technology to make your orthodontic treatment faster and more comfortable. Dr. Mills believes in only using the best products to ensure her patient’s have the highest level of care. By using self-ligating braces, our patients experience shorter orthodontic visits, easier cleaning, and less discomfort during their orthodontic treatment.

iTero® 3D Scanner

At Mills Orthodontics, we use a 3D intraoral scanner to ensure your orthodontic treatment is tailored to your unique smile goals. Gone are the days of sticky, uncomfortable impressions—with the iTero scanner, you or your child will have a complete image of your mouth in a short, simple, streamlined process. No need to worry about strong gag-reflexes anymore!

3D Printed Models and Appliance Fabrication

We custom fabricate all orthodontic appliances and retainers on 3D resin printed models. Everything we use at Mills Orthodontics is custom fabricated just for you—this ensures a custom fit with less appointments needed to complete your orthodontic treatment.

Ready to experience the latest orthodontic technology in an atmosphere that makes the entire family feel at home? Call us today to schedule your appointment! 

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